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Chapter Three of my story!

Chapter Three: Magical


Once Lilac was safely in her room, she called back the birds with a little song of her flute. More wisps of magic swirled around her. The birds flew back at the familiar song. LIGHTS, CAMERA, MAGIC! Lilac thought. She played the song ‘London Bridge is falling down’ and the birds joined in. Lilac opened the window so she could hear the birds more clearly. Chirp, whistle, chirp, chirp, whistle. The melody was AMAZING! There was so much magic swirling around in Lilac’s room that her hair had some glittering magic in it. So, Lilac started playing a more complicated tune, the birds still could chirp along. After about fifteen minutes or so, Lilac’s lips were as dry as a desert. The birds flew away and Lilac quickly put the flute back into its case. She quickly ran down the stairs to drink a bottle of water, hair still shimmering from the magic. She was just starting to open a bottle when her father came in to grab his coffee. He immediately noticed her hair. “Lilac, what’s all that shiny stuff in your hair?” he asked. “Oh, that’s just the water from the shower I took.” she lied. Her father just drank his coffee and said, “Okay, if you say so.” and went back to his room. “Oh, and don’t forget you have school tomorrow!” he called over his shoulder.



Chapter Two of my story

Chapter Two: At breakfast


Lilac scurried down the stairs and into the dining room. It was enlightened by the sun’s glowing rays.  “What’s for breakfast Dad?” Lilac asked.

“Pancakes!” responded her father cheerfully. He put two on her plate and asked her, “Berries or Maple Syrup? We have blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.”

“I’ll have raspberries and blackberries.” She went to the fridge and grabbed some raspberries and blackberries, and washed them. Then, Lilac arranged them perfectly into a smiley face on her pancake. Mmmm… This looks good. Lilac thought. She took her fork and poked it into a juicy blackberry. She popped the blackberry into her mouth and savored the delicious juice. Her thoughts for the blackberry were interrupted by her father saying, “We heard you playing your flute from downstairs. Your music was so magical.” Lilac blushed a little when she heard the word ‘magical’ come out of her father’s mouth. “Thanks,” she mumbled. “You were playing with the birds again, were you Lilac?” Her mother asked Lilac.

“Yes. We make a great team do we?” Lilac asked her parents. 

“Of course you do!” replied her parents. “You are one of the best flute players I’ve ever seen!”  Lilac blushed again at that compliment. She popped a juicy raspberry as red as her face into her mouth.

Soon, her pancakes and her berries were gone. Lilac was full. She washed her plate and fork and went to her room. 



I’m writing a story!📚

Hello everyone! I’m writing a story and no, I’m not publishing it, And it’s not a book. It’s just a story that’s a few pages long. It’s called ‘The Magic Flute’. Once I am done writing it, I will post it on my blog. Here is an excerpt from it. (this is the first chapter.)

Chapter One: In the morning


One bright morning, Lilac Silva lay in her light purple bed. Lilac was a ten year old with long straight chestnut hair, sky blue eyes, and smooth tan skin. She threw off her covers and changed out of her pajamas and into her clothes. She drew the curtains and stared at the cloudless blue sky, the blue was very beautiful. Then, Lilac listened to the singing birds, their sweet chirping sewn together in harmony. It reminded her of the sound her bamboo flute made. “Well,” said Lilac, “I shall get my flute and play along with the birds!”

And so off she went, getting the flute case off of the bookshelf. She took out the shimmering bamboo flute and warmed up her fingers. She listened to the chirping melody of the birds some more and started to play, and long colorful wisps of light swirled around her. Lilac had never told anyone that her flute was magical, ever since the day her parents bought the flute for her, whenever she started playing it, there was magic coming out of it. It had to be kept a secret. Her music was interrupted by her mother calling, “Lilac! Breakfast is ready!” The startled birds flew away.

“Coming, mom!” Lilac called back.  She quickly wiped her flute with a tissue and put it back into the flute’s case.

I hope you liked it! 😃😊