Chapter Two of my story

Chapter Two: At breakfast


Lilac scurried down the stairs and into the dining room. It was enlightened by the sun’s glowing rays.  “What’s for breakfast Dad?” Lilac asked.

“Pancakes!” responded her father cheerfully. He put two on her plate and asked her, “Berries or Maple Syrup? We have blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.”

“I’ll have raspberries and blackberries.” She went to the fridge and grabbed some raspberries and blackberries, and washed them. Then, Lilac arranged them perfectly into a smiley face on her pancake. Mmmm… This looks good. Lilac thought. She took her fork and poked it into a juicy blackberry. She popped the blackberry into her mouth and savored the delicious juice. Her thoughts for the blackberry were interrupted by her father saying, “We heard you playing your flute from downstairs. Your music was so magical.” Lilac blushed a little when she heard the word ‘magical’ come out of her father’s mouth. “Thanks,” she mumbled. “You were playing with the birds again, were you Lilac?” Her mother asked Lilac.

“Yes. We make a great team do we?” Lilac asked her parents. 

“Of course you do!” replied her parents. “You are one of the best flute players I’ve ever seen!”  Lilac blushed again at that compliment. She popped a juicy raspberry as red as her face into her mouth.

Soon, her pancakes and her berries were gone. Lilac was full. She washed her plate and fork and went to her room. 



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