Chapter Three of my story!

Chapter Three: Magical


Once Lilac was safely in her room, she called back the birds with a little song of her flute. More wisps of magic swirled around her. The birds flew back at the familiar song. LIGHTS, CAMERA, MAGIC! Lilac thought. She played the song ‘London Bridge is falling down’ and the birds joined in. Lilac opened the window so she could hear the birds more clearly. Chirp, whistle, chirp, chirp, whistle. The melody was AMAZING! There was so much magic swirling around in Lilac’s room that her hair had some glittering magic in it. So, Lilac started playing a more complicated tune, the birds still could chirp along. After about fifteen minutes or so, Lilac’s lips were as dry as a desert. The birds flew away and Lilac quickly put the flute back into its case. She quickly ran down the stairs to drink a bottle of water, hair still shimmering from the magic. She was just starting to open a bottle when her father came in to grab his coffee. He immediately noticed her hair. “Lilac, what’s all that shiny stuff in your hair?” he asked. “Oh, that’s just the water from the shower I took.” she lied. Her father just drank his coffee and said, “Okay, if you say so.” and went back to his room. “Oh, and don’t forget you have school tomorrow!” he called over his shoulder.



3 thoughts on “Chapter Three of my story!

  1. Hey Craft Lover!
    As a friend 😀 I am meant to give honest feedback. I honestly think your story is great and worth reading. Although you may want to consider making it more desciptive and intriguing.

    That’s my advice. If you want more help on your book, I have a whole 8 post course on my blog for free.

    Thank you,
    H.R Phoenix 💖 💖 💖

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