A Tale of Four Sisters

A Tale of Four Sisters: Chapter Three


I was really happy that two of my sisters had powers now. I turn to Sienna.

“How about you try asking for something ‘earth related’ to see if you have earth powers?” I suggest.

“Sure.” she replies. “Um, I want a flower to grow from the carpet!” Just as everyone expected, a flower immediately grew from the carpet. It was gorgeous, with fresh green leaves, a wonderful scent, and delicate pink petals.

“WOAH.” my sisters and I whisper. Sienna bends down and picks the flower off of the soft carpet. She strokes the fragile petals gently.

“So we all have the powers of the four main elements.” I murmure.

“Yeah. It’s so cool.” Cordelia stated.

“I know right? We could win any battle with these cool powers!” Seraphine exclaims. We all dance in a circle, holding hands. Suddenly, an orb of blinding light appeared at the center of our circle.

“AHHHH! Too bright! Too bright!” Cordelia shouts.

“Shush! We don’t want our parents to come running upstairs!” I whisper.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Cordelia apologizes. “But… what is this thing?” she asks.

“Yeah, what is this thing? It just appeared in the middle of our cir–” Sienna agrees. But suddenly, the orb of light started to push out a piece of paper with writing on it! Was it a letter? When the paper reached the very edge, it let go of the orb, and fluttered to the floor. Seraphine picked it up, and we all read what was written on the paper.

Dear Aura, Cordelia, Seraphine, and Sienna,

I am Rogine. I’m quite sure you four have discovered your powers. If not, then you know now.

Aura, you have the power of air.

Cordelia, you have the power of water.

Seraphine, you have the power of fire.

And Sienna, you have the power of earth.

If you do know that you have the powers of the four main elements, well, then keep reading.

The world of Elementum is in grave danger. A beast named Argleni and his army have been trying to take over our magical world. I need your help. We have to defeat Argleni and his horrible army, and save Elementum. Please meet me at  Wildshrub Forest at  9:00 am SHARP on July 18th. Make sure you’re all on time. 


Rogine Glazemare

After we finished reading the letter, my sisters and I were speechless. After what seemed like a million years, Sienna finally spoke up.

“So… should we go meet Rogine tomorrow at 9:00?” she asks.

“I think we should. It sounds like Argleni and his army are pretty brutal.” I reply.

“What about Mom and Dad? We can’t just disappear and not tell them!” Seraphine points out.

“We could leave them a note saying that we’ve gone to a friend’s house?” Cordelia suggests.

“Good idea! Let’s write it right now so we call put it on the counter tomorrow morning.” Sienna says.

“Alright.” I reply. Seraphine rips a piece of paper out of one of her old sketchbooks, and I start writing:

Dear Mom and Dad,

My sisters and I are going to a friends house today, we’ll be back in time for dinner. Don’t worry about us. Have a nice day!


Aura, Cordelia, Seraphine,  and Sienna

Once we finished writing the letter, Seraphine put the note into her special orange music box for safekeeping.

“We can’t forget to give that letter to Mom and Dad tomorrow.”  remind my sisters.

“Yeah, we won’t.” Cordelia replies.

“You know, I have a feeling we won’t be back in time for dinner…” Sienna admits.

“Same.” Seraphine agrees. “I bet we will be gone for a while.”

“Ugh, you guys are right… but we can’t let our parents worry, right?” I ask.

“True. So let’s just keep it ‘back before dinner’. Hopefully they understand.” Cordelia says. We all nod. I glance at Cordelia, who’s twirling her long, dark chocolate-colored hair around her index finger. I know she’s nervous because since she’s the oldest out of all of us, it’s her responsibility to keep us all safe. Of course we will also keep ourselves safe though. Cordelia’s birthday is on February 16th. While mine is on December 21th. Sienna is the second oldest, with her birthday on May 18th, and Seraphine is about two months older than me, with her birthday on October 6th. 

“I hope we can save Elementum.” Cordelia whispers.

“Me too.” Seraphine agrees.

“Same here.” I say, and nod my head.

“Me four.” Sienna agrees.

“I wonder if we can defeat Argleni.” I wonder.

“Together, I’m sure we can!” Sienna reassures me, and puts her hand on my shoulder. I smile. Sienna always gives me a boost of energy.

“And plus, we have the powers of the four elements!” Seraphine points out, flexing her hands.

“But who knows what powers Argleni has…” Cordelia whispers. “He could be much more powerful than us.”

“Yeah. We just found out that we have powers today. We don’t have any experience with powers!” Sienna agrees.

“Yeah, Cor and Sienna are right, so we have to practice our powers.” I say.

“How though? We have to practice somewhere secret. We don’t want our parents to know about this just yet.” Seraphine asks.

“True. Hmm… where do Mom and Dad barely ever go?” Cordelia asks.

“Well, they barely go to that shed in the corner of our backyard.” Sienna suggests.

“Oh yeah! We could practice there!” Seraphine exclaims.

“Awesome. Now, I’m gonna go tell Mom and Dad that we’re gonna play in the backyard.” Sienna says. Then, she runs downstairs and we can hear her talking to Mom and Dad.

“My sisters and I are going to play in the backyard, okay?” she asks.

“Sure, Sienna! Have fun!” we hear Mom reply.

“Awesome! Thank you so much!” Sienna thanks. We hear the stairs creak as Sienna runs back upstairs to Seraphine’s room.

“Alright guys, let’s go.” She whispers, motioning for us to follow her. Then, Cordelia, Seraphine, and I follow Sienna to the backyard. Once we were quite sure that Mom and Dad couldn’t hear us, Seraphine asks,

“Okay, so… should we go to the shed?” and jutted her thumb at the shed behind us.

“Yeah.” I reply. All four of us walk over to the shed, and Cordelia pushes the old, rusting metal door open. The hinges of the door creaks, and I shudder at the sound. We go inside, and it’s all dark. Sienna slowly closes the door of the shed. I wrinkle my nose at the weird, metal-y smell. I was never a fan of the smell metal has.

“Ugh, it smells TERRIBLE in here.” I groan.

“Well, it’s better than letting our parents know about our powers. Come on, let’s get practicing.” Cordelia replies.

“How are we going to practice in this, dark, rusty place? I can’t see a thing!” Seraphine complains. I hear a ruffling sound.

“What was that?!” I shriek.

“I’m just getting my flashlight from my pocket!” Sienna mumbles, and I hear a click. The flashlight turns on.

“How’d you know that we would need a flashlight?” I ask, my mouth open in surprise. Sienna shrugs, and replies, “I knew that this old shed would probably not have lights. I’m usually prepared for things like this. I just followed my instincts.”