A Tale of Four Sisters

A Tale of Four Sisters: Chapter Two


When our mom calls us for breakfast, my sisters and I freeze in our tracks.

“AGHHH! What do we do?!” Seraphine whisper-screams.

“We won’t have time to clean this all up in time!” Sienna tells all of us.

“Yeah! What are we going to do?” I ask quietly.

“If only a gust of wind could blow this all dry…” Aura sighed. A big force made all of us stumble to the ground right after Aura uttered those words. My eyes widened.

“Aura… I think a gust of wind just did.” I murmur.

“Wait… so is my power… air?” Aura asks slowly. Before I even had the time to answer, our mom shouted again, “IT’S TIME TO EAT BREAKFAST!”

We all jump, and open the door quickly. “Coming, mom!” Sienna calls, and we scurry down the stairs.

“How was your morning, girls?” our dad asks.

“Great!” I replied, and plastered on a fake smile.

“What’s for breakfast?” Seraphine asks Mom.

“Waffles!” she replies, her voice sing-songy.

“Mmm! I looooove waffles!” Sienna said.

“I know you do! I know that all of you love waffles!” Mom replies.

“Humph! Your mom didn’t even make me some waffles!” Dad huffed, pretending to be mad.

“Dad, we know you’re joking!” I laugh.

“Okay, okay, fine.” Dad replies, pouring himself a mug of coffee. He comes over to the table my sisters and I are sitting at, and sits down in an empty chair. He puts a cube of sugar in his coffee, and stirs the drink.

“What did you guys do this morning?” he asks us. I look at my sisters, and they hesitate. We didn’t want to tell our parents what had actually happened this morning.

“Oh, we just read some books.” I lied. A tiny part of me felt guilty for lying, but I knew that I did the right thing.

“Cool! What did you guys read?” Dad asked. I gulped. I couldn’t think of an answer in time. Luckily, Sienna had an answer. “Oh, just some of our favorite stories.” 

Smart answer. I thought. Nothing specific.

“Oh, nice.” Dad replied, and took a sip of his coffee. I take a big bite out of my waffle. The sweet, sticky syrup covers my tongue. The waffle is the perfect texture of soft and crunchy. I groan in delight. “These waffles are DELICIOUS!” I exclaim.

“I’m glad you like them.” Mom replies.

“We always love the food you make, mom!” Aura stated, and took another bite out of her waffle.

“Aww, thanks!” Mom gushed.

“No problem, Mom!” Aura replies, and takes another waffle from her plate. Mom smiled and poured herself a mug of coffee. I look at her mug. It’s the one my sisters and I made for her last year! It was a white mug with the words ‘#1 MOM!’ on it, and splashes of color splattered everywhere on the mug.

“I see you’re using the mug we made for you, Mom!” I exclaim.

“Uh-huh! It’s amazing, and beautiful.” Mom replies. Mom prefers her coffee with whipped cream, and not sugar, like Dad. She takes out a can of whipped cream and shakes it vigorously before squirting it in a swirl shape on top of her coffee. Then, Mom takes a straw and sticks it right in the middle of the whipped cream swirl. She walks over to our table and sits down on the chair next to Dad. She takes a sip of her coffee and starts stirring it with her straw.

“Anything exciting happening recently?” she asks, still stirring her coffee.

“Um…” Seraphine mumbles. Mom raises her eyebrows.

“We found out that we… uh… liked the same author!” I stutter.

“Oh really? That’s great!” Mom replies, and takes another sip of her coffee.

“Honey, can you please pass me the sugar cube jar? My coffee isn’t sweet enough.” Dad asks Mom.

“Of course, Mason.” Mom replies, and hands Dad the sugar cube jar.

“Thank you, Rosalinda.” Dad says. Mom smiles at him, and then looks back at us.

“So, what’s the author you guys all like?” she asks us, staring at each of us.

“Uh, I have to go to the bathroom.” Aura interrupts.

“Okay, go ahead.” Mom answers. “So? Can you please answer my question?” she asks, turning back to us.

“J.K. Rowling!” Sienna blurts out.

“Oh yes, she is a great author! When I was a child, I read all of the Harry Potter books.” Mom exclaims.

“Cool!” Seraphine says, and finishes her last waffle. She goes over to the sink to wash her plate. I do the same, and Cordelia follows after. Aura comes back from the bathroom, and quickly eats her last waffle. She washes her plate and then we all go back upstairs in Seraphine’s bedroom. Once we were out of earshot by our parents, we huddle up, and Seraphine whispers, “So, Aura has the power of air, Cordelia has the power of water, so it’s only Sienna and I who don’t know what our power is yet.” 

“That is, if we even HAVE powers. Maybe only Aura and Cor have powers.” Sienna points out. I saw Seraphine’s mouth droop a little.

“Don’t worry, I bet we all have powers.” I reassure her, and give her a little smile.

“Okay, well if we want to find out what our powers are, we’ve got to try some powers that haven’t been taken yet, right?” Sienna asks.

“So, Aura is air, Cor is water and ice, so–” Seraphine started to say.

“I THINK I GOT IT!” Sienna shouts.

“SHHHH!” Seraphine, Aura, and I whisper-scream at the same time.

“Sorry!” Sienna apologizes.

“Anyway, what were you going to say, Sienna?” Aura asks.

“I was thinking, if you’re air, and Cordelia’s water, then maybe Ser and I would have earth and fire power!” Sienna replies.

“Why do you think that?” I ask.

“Because of the four main elements! Air, fire, water, and earth!” Sienna answers, counting the number of elements with her fingers.

“Ohhhhh yeah! You have a good point!” Seraphine murmurs.

“I was thinking… since Seraphine’s name means flame, maybe she would have the power of fire!” Sienna explained.

“Ooh! It would be AWESOME to have fire power!” Seraphine cheers, pumping her fist into the air.

“Then try it!” I tell her.

“How though? I don’t want to set the house on fire!” Seraphine pointed out.

“I’ll prepare some water to quickly extinguish the flames!” I suggested.

“Okayyyy.” Seraphine mumbles. “I want fire!” she whispers. Flames shoot out of her fingertips and onto the carpet. “Extinguish it!” Sienna whisper-shouts at me.

“I want a burst of water!” I say, and I aim the water that rushed out of the palms of my hands at the flames on the carpet. The flames quickly melted away, leaving a tiny black spot on Seraphine’s carpet.

“So my calculations were correct!” Sienna exclaims.

“Having fire power is awesome!” Seraphine shouts.


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