A Tale of Four Sisters

A Tale of Four Sisters: Chapter Four


Once I had turned on the flashlight I brought, the shed wasn’t as scary as it was before.

“So,” I say. “Should we start?”

My sisters nod, and I ask, “Who’s gonna start?”

“I can start.” Seraphine volunteers.

“Alright. Be careful, okay?” I ask.

“I will.” Seraphine promises.

“And don’t set the shed on fire.” Aura reminds.

“It’s made out of METAL! It isn’t super easy to catch on fire!” Seraphine protests.

“But it could melt, and trap us in it’s burning hot liquid-y melted metal, and then harden around our bodies, and then─.” I point out.

“Okay, okay! I don’t need to know about what else is gonna happen to us!” Seraphine interrupts loudly. I roll my eyes and mutter an ‘okay’. Then, Seraphine closes her eyes, and whispers,

“I want a torch.” Suddenly, a flaming torch appeared in Seraphine’s fist! It looked like it was burning hot, but it seems like Seraphine didn’t feel anything at all!

“Ser, is the torch hot? Because it looks like it can burn your hand off at any second!” Celeste asks anxiously.

“Uh, don’t freak out, but… I don’t feel a thing!” Seraphine replies, and shrugs. Celeste, Aura, and I gape at her, our eyes wide, and mouths open. 

“You don’t feel… anything?” Aura asks.

“Nope! I feel as normal as usual.” Seraphine replies.

“Can I try holding the torch?” Celeste asks.

“Okay.” Seraphine says and hands Celeste the torch. A millisecond later, Celeste had dropped the torch on the ground, and was shouting in pain.

“OW! IT BURNS! OUCH! OH MY GOSH, IT BURNS!!!” she screams, and creates an ice cube to soothe her fingers.

“Uhhhhh, is it really that bad?” Seraphine asked and picked up the now-extinguished torch off of the ground.

“YES! IT IS!” Celeste yells, creating a second ice cube for her fingers.

“I guess only Seraphine can hold the torch without burning herself.” Aura whispers.

“Yeah. But we can only make sure that’s true by trying it ourselves.” I point out.

“Okay, I can make two more torches for you two to try.” Seraphine replies. She produces two more torches. She hands one to me, and one to Aura.

“AHHHHHHH! IT BURNS!” Aura and I scream at the same time. We both drop the torch, just like Celeste. Celeste quickly makes some more ice cubes for us.

“So, I guess it’s true that only Seraphine can hold the torch without burning herself.” I murmur.

“Uh-huh.” Aura agrees.

“So Seraphine and Celeste have already practiced their powers.” I say.

“Huh? When did I practice my powers?” Celeste asks.

“The─” I reply.

“Ice─” Aura interrupts.

“Cubes.” Seraphine finishes.

“Ohhhh, right.” Celeste mumbles.

“But you can still practice if you want.” Seraphine tells Celeste.

“Yay!” Celeste exclaims. “I want snow!” Delicate snowflakes start to flutter and tumble down. Once there was enough to play with, Celeste grabs a handful of snow, and rolls it into a snowball. She suddenly thrust the cold ball at me without warning!

“Hey! What was that for?” I ask, giggling. I make a snowball too, and throw it at Aura. She laughs, then makes a snowball to throw at Seraphine. But then, she has an idea.

“I want a gust of wind to blow this snowball at Seraphine!” she shouts.

“Wait wha─?!” Seraphine yelps. Too late. The snowball flies out of Aura’s outstretched palm, and thwacks Seraphine straight in the face! 

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Aura, Celeste, and I burst out laughing.

“NOT funny!” Seraphine yells, but I can tell that she’s trying not to smile.

“Come on, Seraphine! Have some fun!” I say, and motion for her to come over. She sighs and walks over to us.

“Hey Sienna?” Celeste asks.


“It’s your turn to practice your power.”

“Oh right, thanks!” I say, and whisper, “I want strawberries to grow from the snow!”

A small green shoot starts to appear from the powder-y snow. It grows bigger incredibly quickly, leaves start to grow, and a few seconds later, there were already fresh, plump, ripe, red strawberries on the plant! Celeste washes them with her powers after we plucked them off. I took a bite out of a strawberry. It was sweet and juicy!

“Yuuuuuuuuuum.” I groan.

“Is it good?” Aura asks.

“It’s AMAZING.” I reply. My sisters also take a bite of a strawberry. Their eyes widen, and I ask,

“So? What do you think?”

“IT’S THE SWEETEST STRAWBERRY I’VE EVER EATEN!” Celeste cries out, holding out her strawberry.

“Same! It’s sooooooooo good!” Aura exclaims.

“It’s ULTRA juicy!” Seraphine shouts.

“Sienna, you’ve GOT to make more fruits for us! They’re super yummy! Better than the ones at the store!” Aura tells me.

“Sure thing, but now, we have a bigger problem ahead of us,” I whisper.

“Argleni.” Cordelia finishes.


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Four Sisters: Chapter Four

  1. I think this chapter was quite funny! I escpecially love:
    “Wait wha─?!” Seraphine yelps. Too late. The snowball flies out of Aura’s outstretched palm, and thwacks Seraphine straight in the face!

    Liked by 1 person

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