A Tale of Four Sisters

A Tale of Four Sisters: Chapter Ten


“Cool!” Hugo exclaims.
“Okay, well then, can you toss all the skeletons away so we can escape?” Aura wonders.
“But first, what are your names?” Ava asks.
“My name is Aura!” 

“Hey, I’m Celeste.” I say.

“I’m Sienna, nice to meet you guys!”

 “And I’m Seraphine!”
“Okay, nice to meet you guys too! Now Hugo, throw them away like paper!” Ava cries. Hugo smiled and kept on fending the skeletons off. But soon, he got tired.
“Can’t─ keep─ doing─ this!” He pants.

“Um, does anybody have a sword or something?!” I ask frantically.

Seraphine suddenly yells, “Blaze, stop!” Blaze comes to a stop. She leaps off of Blaze and grabs a thick tree branch on the ground. The skeletons immediately make her their target. They start crawling towards Seraphine, the bony fingers rustling through the grass.

Are you sure you want us to fight you? Look how much bigger we are than you. The skeleton hands hiss at Seraphine.

Great. They’re huge skeleton hands, and now they TALK?! What could possibly be worse?
“Did anyone else hear that?” I ask.

“Yeah. It’s creepy.” Seraphine mutters. “You guys go somewhere safe! I’ll deal with these guys!”

“No, we aren’t going to leave you!” Ava shouts.

“Well, it’s the best choice, Ava! It’s better to leave one person in danger than letting all of them.” Seraphine insists.

“Yeah, but if we fight them together, it’ll go by quicker and we won’t leave anyone behind! Please, Seraphine! We don’t want to lose a friend!” Hugo protested.

Seraphine hesitated. The skeleton hands were getting closer. “Fine.” she says at last. “Quick! Grab something, and fight!”

Everybody hopped off without hesitation. I hop off too, and the skeletons start turning toward us also. I’m not afraid. Some skeleton hands must’ve noticed, since a few backed away just a little. Geyser. I think. Make a geyser in the middle of all those bony hands. 

Nothing happened. GEYSER! I think harder. My eyebrows furrowed together. Sienna must’ve seen me, because she quickly jogs over, and whispers in my ear, “Grab those big emotions, and free them. When we were fighting the Kelomuta, I unleashed all my anger to make those vines.”

I grin at her. “Thanks for the tips.”

“No problem.” then she walks over and tells everyone else. They nod, and turn back to the hands. Seraphine drops her branch. The hands must’ve thought that it was a movement of surrender, because they stood still, and stopped crawling towards us. That’s when I decided to use my powers. I thought about all my sadness. Leaving Mom and Dad behind, Rogina getting cut by the Kelomuta, Elementia dying, all those thoughts.

“GEYSER!” I screamed. A huge torrent of water erupted from the ground, and blasted a bunch of hands away. The bones that constructed the hands flew apart. Meanwhile, Hugo was still throwing some of them far away. Aura had summoned her wind to blow a few hands into the air, and they fell back down with such force, they crumpled to dust.

“FIRE!” I heard someone holler.

My body crashed into something hard. It was a skeleton trying to grab me.

“ARGH!” I shouted, and pelted him with ice cubes. I thrashed and kicked. I managed to detach one of its fingers. I used my knee to bonk the hand. It finally fell into a heap of bones. Then, I blasted the bones away with a stream of water. I saw a skeleton hand with Ava in its grasp, upside-down.

She had been trying to use her power with words, it seemed. Her lips were dry and chapped. Her face was getting red from being upside-down for so long.

“Help.” she managed to whimper. I jumped onto the skeleton hand. And started to pound it’s ‘back’. I kicked, punched, and stomped.

“AQUA!” I yelled. Aqua ran over. “Help me get the hand to let go of Ava!” I command. My Yenaki unsheathed her claws. She pounced onto one of the skeleton hand’s fingers. She viciously tore it off. I heard a POP! And the skeleton hand crumbled to the ground, and I leaped off before I could make impact with the ground. Sienna made a patch of grass grow where Ava fell to cushion the fall. She wasn’t moving. Her eyes were closed. Where’s the backpack full of supplies? I ask myself. I scan around, and glimpse the backpack meters away from me. I started to run towards it, but another skeleton hand swatted me away. I heard something crack, and pain shot through my left arm.

“Celeste!” I hear someone call. But I was in too much pain to move. My eyes start to close, I watch as my sisters and Hugo struggle against the skeletons. I see Ava motionless on some grass a few feet away from me. I try to get up, and wince. I lay back down. Suddenly, I heard a creak, and a huge metal cage fell down, trapping me and Ava inside. THUMP.

“Ugh… one of Argleni’s traps.” I mumble. Then, I blacked out.

When I woke back up, I saw my sisters and Hugo crowded around the cage. Hugo was trying to use his strength to lift up the cage. But he was already exhausted from the battle with the skeletons, so his strength failed him. I saw huge piles of bones behind Hugo and my sisters. I saw rips in Hugo’s jeans, cuts on Sienna’s face, bruises on Aura’s arms, and Seraphine had a nosebleed.

“Y-you guys defeated the s-skeletons?” I ask shakily.

“Yeah. It was extremely difficult though.” Hugo muttered. “Is Ava okay?”

I glanced over at Ava, she still wasn’t moving. “Could one of you guys pass me the supply backpack?”

Seraphine gets it and un-zipped it. I grabbed a few things. Bandages, ointment, stuff like that.

“I wonder what medicine people in Elementia use.” I say.

“I thought you’d never ask.” a voice replies. My sisters and Hugo whirl around. It’s… CASPER?! He looked like he had encountered a few fights too.

“Who’s that?” Hugo yells, and jumps into a fighting stance.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hugo, this is Casper! He’s not bad.” Aura stammers. Hugo was seriously about to punch Casper if she didn’t say. He gives Casper one last unwary glance.

“Fine.” he mumbles. “What’s he doing here?”

“Well, it looks like you guys need some help.” Casper replies. He looks at me and Ava. “Hmm… stuck in one of Argleni’s traps. Let me get something.” He does that thing where he snaps his fingers and something magically appears. Except, this time the object fell on his face. “OOF!” he yelps as a heavy bag lands on his face, then falls on the ground. I try not to laugh. He picks up the bag and takes out a weird-looking tool.

What is he going to do with that? I think.


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