Short Stories

A Plain of Wildflowers — A short story

A breeze tickled my face as I ran through the cornfield. I pushed away dry stalks of corn, the rough skin massaging my fingers.

“Cora!” my younger sister called behind me. “Wait for me!”

I turned around, seeing Emily’s face bursting out of some yellowing corn leaves. “You—run—so—fast!” she pants, leaning on her knees. I laugh, and grab her hand. She looks up at me, and I give her a mischievous grin. “Follow me.” I whisper. She follows me silently, twigs cracking under our shoes. After a while, Emily asks me, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Emily puffs out her lower lip, and crosses her arms. “But I’m tiiired.” she whines.

“Fine,” I say with a shrug. “I guess I’ll go by myself then.”

Her eyes widened. “No! No! I’ll come!” she shouts quickly.

I grin. “Perfect.”

“We’re here.”

“FINALLY!” Emily yells.

I admire the plain of colorful wildflowers. The blooms looked gorgeous in the sun, the petals delicate and exquisite. I breathed in the sweet scent.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked, turning to Emily, only to find that she wasn’t there. “Emily?” I called, cupping my hands around my mouth. I was getting a little nervous now. Before I could make up my mind, I ran into the field of wildflowers, scanning around for Emily’s shoulder-length blonde hair and white dress. If only she’d worn a dress a color easier to see. I thought to myself. I look down at myself. My skirt was dusted with a thin layer of pollen, so were my shoes. I trudged out of the plain, my head hung low.

“Cora! Cora!” a voice squealed. Emily?

“Emily? Is that you?” I looked up excitedly, and saw Emily skipping over, clutching Dad’s arm.

“I got Mom and Dad! They had to see this!”

I sighed in relief. “Next time, don’t run off like that!” I scolded, wagging my finger at her playfully.

“We’ll see about that.” she replied, a smirk on her face.


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