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Okay, so I was looking through Google Docs, and I found this story I had written last year. I may as well show it to you guys.

The Magic Bamboo Flute

By: Selina Zhang


I dedicate this book to my parents for giving me some tips on writing this book.

I also dedicate this book to everyone who is reading this story.  

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: In the morning
  • Chapter Two: Magical
  • Chapter Three: School
  • Chapter Four: Lunch and Recess
  • Chapter Five: Pearl’s thoughts
  • Chapter Six: The next morning
  • Chapter Seven: Time for some fun
  • Chapter Eight: A little odd
  • Chapter Nine: A horrible surprise
  • Chapter Ten: The search for the missing flute
  • Chapter Eleven: 
  • Chapter Twelve: 
  • Chapter Thirteen: 
  • Chapter Fourteen: 
  • Chapter Fifteen:
  • Chapter Sixteen: 
  • Chapter Seventeen:
  • Chapter Eighteen:
  • Chapter Nineteen:
  • Chapter Twenty:
  • Acknowledgments

~Chapter One: In the morning~

One bright morning, Pearl Silva lay in her light purple bed. Pearl was an eleven-year-old with long straight chestnut hair, sky blue eyes, and smooth tan skin. She had a tiny little Pomeranian puppy as a pet.  She threw off her covers and changed out of her pajamas and into her clothes. She drew the curtains and stared at the cloudless blue sky, the blue was gorgeous. Then, Pearl listened to the singing birds; their sweet chirping was sewn together in harmony. It reminded her of the sound her bamboo flute made. “Well,” said Pearl, “I shall get my flute and play along with the birds!”

And so off she went, getting the flute case off of the bookshelf. She took out the shimmering bamboo flute and warmed up her fingers. She listened to the chirping melody of the birds some more and started to play, and long colorful wisps of light swirled around her. Pearl had never told anyone that her flute was magical, ever since the day her parents bought the flute for her, whenever she started playing it, there was magic coming out of it. It had to be kept a secret. Her music was interrupted by her mother calling, “Pearl! Breakfast is ready!” The startled birds flew away.

“Coming, mom!” Pearl called back.  She delicately wiped her flute with a tissue and put it back into the flute’s case. 

Pearl scurried down the stairs and into the dining room. The sun’s glowing rays enlightened it.  “What’s for breakfast, Dad?” Pearl asked.

“Pancakes!” responded her father, cheerfully. He put two on her plate and asked her, “Berries or Maple Syrup? We have blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.”

“I’ll have raspberries and blackberries.” She went to the fridge and grabbed some raspberries and blackberries and washed them. Then, Pearl arranged them perfectly into a smiley face on her pancake. Mmmm… This looks good. Pearl thought. She took her fork and poked it into a juicy blackberry. She popped the blackberry into her mouth and savored the delicious juice. Her thoughts for the blackberry were interrupted by her father saying, “We heard you playing your flute from downstairs. Your music was so magical.” Pearl blushed a little when she heard the word ‘magical’ come out of her father’s mouth. “Thanks,” she mumbled. “You were playing with the birds again, were you Pearl?” Her mother asked Pearl.

“Yes. We make a great team, do we?” Pearl asked her parents. 

“Of course you do!” replied her parents. “You are one of the best flute players I’ve ever seen!”  Pearl blushed again at that compliment. She popped a juicy raspberry as red as her face into her mouth.

Soon, her pancakes and her berries were gone. Pearl was full. She washed her plate and fork and went to her room. 

~Chapter Two: Magical~

Once Pearl was safely in her room, she called back the birds with a little song of her flute. More wisps of magic swirled around her. The birds flew back at the familiar tune. LIGHTS, CAMERA, MAGIC! Pearl thought. She played the song ‘London Bridge is falling down,’ and the birds joined in. Pearl opened the window so she could hear the birds more clearly. Chirp, whistle, chirp, chirp, whistle. The melody was AMAZING! There was so much magic swirling around in Pearl’s room that her hair had some glittering magic in it. So, Pearl started playing a more complicated tune; the birds could still chirp along. After about fifteen minutes or so, Pearl’s lips were as dry as a desert. The birds flew away, and Pearl quickly put the flute back into its case. She quickly ran down the stairs to drink a bottle of water, hair still shimmering from the magic. She was just starting to open a bottle when her father came in to grab his coffee. He immediately noticed her hair. “Pearl, what’s all that shiny stuff in your hair?” he asked. “Oh, that’s just the water from the shower I took.” she lied. Her father just sipped his coffee and said, “Okay, if you say so.” and went back to his room. “Oh, and don’t forget you have school tomorrow!” he called over his shoulder. Pearl’s father slowly started walking back to the ‘parent room’ as he liked to call it until he stopped. He turned around, looking suspicious. “Pearl, I feel like you are hiding something from me. What is that shiny stuff in your hair anyway? Water from the shower isn’t THAT shiny, you know.” Pearl’s face turns red. 

Should I just tell him my secret? I mean, it seems like I have no choice… She thinks. “Well—” She gets cut off when her mother shouts, “TOM! WHERE IS MY PHONE?!” Her father sighs and says, “Coming Rosetta!” and then he gives Pearl one more glance before he heads off to the ‘parent room’. “Phew,” says Pearl thankfully. I almost had to tell him my secret… she grabbed her water bottle and ran back upstairs to her bedroom. Her sweet little Pomeranian was waiting patiently for her. “Hello, Caramelle!” Pearl’s dog was named Caramelle because it was like Caramel except with another ‘l’ and another ‘e’. “Who’s a good girl?” Pearl cooed. “You are!” And then she gently tapped the tip of Caramelle’s nose. Then, she went to get her flute. The thing that was so special about Pearl’s flute was that when the magic swirls around her, she could make a wish to have an extraordinary power for a short period of time. For example, turning invisible, or floating in the air, things like that. So when the magic started swirling around her after she started playing a song, she made a wish to talk to animals and understand them. “Hey, Caramelle! Wanna do some tricks?” and just as she had expected, what usually had been high-pitched yips, turned into real words! “Yes, please!” said Caramelle eagerly. Pearl smiled, “Okay, Caramelle. Sit!” Caramelle did what she was told. “Good girl!” Pearl said and then gave Caramelle a treat. Pearl smiled; it was AMAZING to have this power.

~Chapter Three: School~

The next day, Pearl didn’t even notice the birds outside her window or the brilliant blue sky. She didn’t even look in the direction of her flute. She just got dressed in her uniform, got her schoolwork, and headed out to breakfast, knowing she would be late if she wasted time. She grabbed two slices of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and rubbed the peanut butter evenly onto her bread. She smacked the two slices of bread together and took a giant bite. With the bread in her mouth, she quickly packed her lunch; an apple, a ham sandwich, and a homemade smoothie Pearl prepared. She grabbed her lunchbox and her backpack and called, “Bye Mom, bye Dad!” before she headed out to the bus stop. Once the bus arrived, Pearl sat at where she usually sat, the second row on the right, in the window seat. Then Maya Heja, Pearl’s best friend, plopped into the seat next to her. “Hey Pearl, how was your weekend?” Maya asked.

“Great! I played my flute with the birds, and I had a delicious breakfast. And you?” Pearl responded. “Well, I played with my cat, and practiced my piano,” Maya said. 

Maya’s cat was a snow-white Persian cat with a silver tip on her tail; her name is Blizzard. Pearl and Maya chatted the whole way to their school.

Once the school bus arrived at Pearl and Maya’s school, they walked to their lockers. Pearl and Maya’s classroom was 5th grade B. “Maya, come on, let’s go into our class before we’re late!” called Pearl at the door of their classroom.

“Coming! Let me just get my pencil case.” Maya called back. It was 8:25 in the morning. In 5 minutes, the school would be starting. They walked into the classroom together. Pearl and Maya had been friends since kindergarten. Yes, they did make more friends along the way, but they remained best friends the whole way. Their teacher, Mr. Ronski, was writing the date on the whiteboard. When he saw Pearl and Maya come in, he smiled and said, “Welcome to class, girls! Have a seat at your desks.” Their class had twenty people.

Maya had golden hair with hazel eyes and freckles on her pearly white skin. And when the sunshine shined on her golden hair, it glimmered like how Pearl’s hair glimmered from the magic of her flute. Pearl stared at Maya’s hair until she got startled by the ear-splitting sound the bell made declaring the start of school. DRINGGGGGGG!!! DRINGGGGGGG!!! DRINGGGGGGG!!! Pearl and Maya both smacked their hands over their ears tightly. Yikes, Pearl thought, they need to make some changes to that bell.

~Chapter Four: Lunch and Recess~

After a math quiz, it was time for lunch. Pearl took her bright blue lunchbox out of her bright blue backpack. Their class walked in a straight line to the cafeteria. Once they arrived, Maya and Pearl sat at a table with a few other friends; Clara Swillfelt (from 5th grade A), Max Barton (a classmate from 5th grade B), Lucille Amigue (a classmate from 5th grade B), and Mason Hethlo (from 5th grade A). “Hey guys, how’s your lunch?” asked Maya. 

“Great!” responded Clara. And then the most popular girls in the grade, Sara Jefferson and Angéla Sebay came along. “Ugh, what is that?” Angéla asked Pearl. 

“Um, it’s a ham sandwich,” Pearl responds. 

“You’re eating a HAM SANDWICH, Pearl?” asks Sara loudly. All of the people in the cafeteria turn their heads to Pearl. Pearl’s face reddens. “Yes, what else do you think it is?” Pearl replies. Angéla and Sara just rolled their eyes and sashayed over to their lunch table. Pearl, Maya, Max, Lucille, Clara, and Mason started eating their food in silence. Well, in silence until the ear-splitting bell that declared lunch over rang. DRINGGGG!! DRINGGGG!! DRINGGGG!! Everyone in the cafeteria smacked their hands over their ears tightly. “That bell is way too loud!” Mason says. 

“I agree!” says Lucille. Everybody quickly packed their lunches and went to recess. 

“Who wants to play Tag this recess?” Pearl asks. Mason, Lucille, Clara, Max, and Maya stare at each other, “Me, me, me!!” hollers Max.

“I do!” calls Maya.

“Same here!” shouts the rest of the group in unison.

 During recess, everything looked like flutes to Pearl. The trees looked like giant flutes stuck into the ground, the monkey bars seemed like a row of flutes, and even the arms of the tagger looked like flutes! What is wrong with me? Everything looks like a flute! Is my flute working its magic on me? Pearl thought. Then suddenly,

“TAG! You’re it!” says Clara while tagging Pearl from behind.

“Woah!” Pearl said while almost stumbling onto the ground.  

“Are you alright?” asks Maya, running over to Pearl.

“I’m fine,” says Pearl. “I’m gonna get you!” Maya runs away laughing. They jump, run, and swing for the rest of the recess… until the bell declaring recess over rang. But for Pearl, even the bell sounded like a flute! WHISTLE! WHISTLE! WHISTLE! Everybody smacked their hands over their ears tightly except for Pearl, who was confused about the sound of the bell. “Is it just me, or does that ear-splitting bell sound like a flute?” Pearl asked her friends.

“Huh? A flute? You call that deadly sound a flute?!” responds Max. 

“Never mind,” Pearl mutters.

~Chapter Five: Pearl’s thoughts~

When school ended,  Pearl rode the bus home in her usual seat, but when Maya came, she asked Pearl, “Pearl, do you have something to tell me?” Pearl stared into her hazel eyes.

“Um… no?” responded Pearl innocently.

“The bell incident! You heard a flute instead of that crazy old bell! Tell me!” said Maya urgently. “Oh, that! Fine, I’ll tell you… IF you keep it a secret.” whispered Pearl. 

“I have kept all of your secrets since kindergarten! Of course, I’ll keep it a secret!” responded Maya. “Spill the beans!”

“Okay, I have a magic flute, and today during recess, everything seemed to look like a flute! I think maybe my flute is trying to play tricks on me! And so, the bell sounded like a crisp sound of a flute!” Pearl said quickly. Maya listened intently, then she asked,

“Have you told your parents about this?” Maya asked.

“No, because first of all, it’s supposed to be a secret, second of all, it’s the first day this has been happening to me!” Pearl said. Maya looked at Pearl confusingly,

“So they bought you a flute that they didn’t know was a magical flute?” Maya asked. Pearl nodded. “Well,” continued Maya, “let’s see if this problem persists. Tell me if this happens tomorrow, okay?” Pearl nodded again. When the bus gets to her home, she runs into her room.

Pearl jumped into bed, thinking about why her flute might have started playing tricks on her. Pearl planned to tell Maya about more ‘flute symptoms’ during lunch recess. What happened to me? Pearl thought to herself. I, Pearl Silva, saw everything as a FLUTE! Even that crazy old bell sounded like a flute! What is wrong with me?! She grabbed her journal and started writing.

June 15th, 2020

Dear Journal,

Today, I had some ‘flute symptoms’. Everything… yes, EVERYTHING looked or sounded like a flute. Even that ear-splitting bell. It sounded like three crisp flute notes rather than three ear-splitting cracking sounds. I know, crazy, right? The only person I’ve told my magic flute about is Maya. She seems like a trustworthy person, so I told her. It’s not that bad. It was just a tiny secret anyway. I wonder if I’m the only person who has a magic flute. But if I’m not, then if another magic flute player… or any magical instrument player, have the same symptoms as me? If so, what if he/she is in my school, or my grade, or EVEN in my class! Well, I do know that Maya plays the piano, Clara plays the violin, Max plays the drums, Lucille plays the harp, and Mason plays the trumpet… but are their instruments magical like mine?!

Then, Pearl’s mother calls, “Pearl! Dinner’s ready!” interrupting Pearl’s writing. Sighing, Pearl calls back, “Coming, Mom!” And quickly writes, 

Well, I guess that’s it for today, I’ve got to go to dinner. ~ Pearl

~Chapter Six: The next day~

The next morning, Pearl woke up and again didn’t even notice her flute. She was too anxious about her ‘flute symptoms’. Pearl scurried down the stairs and poured herself a glass of cold milk. She drank it down quickly. She packed her usual lunch, an apple, a ham sandwich, and a homemade smoothie. She threw her lunchbox into her backpack. “Bye Mom, bye Dad!” she said before heading out to the bus stop. She stared at the ground as she walked slowly to the bus stop. She was afraid that if she looked up, everything would start looking like a flute! Maya came and realized that Pearl wasn’t in her usual, cheerful mood. “Hey Pearl, it looks like you’re down in the dumps. What’s wrong?” she asked. 

“I’m fine, just a little tired,” lied Pearl.

“Are you sure? Because you look pretty alert right now,” said Maya. and then she leaned over and whispered, “You’re anxious about your ‘flute symptoms’ are you?”

Pearl nodded, knowing she had told the right person about her magic flute. Pearl trusted Maya more than anyone! “Don’t worry,” continued Maya. “I’ll be there to make some fake excuses for you.” Maya winked at Pearl. Pearl smiled. Maya always knew what to say, anytime, and anywhere. “Thanks, Maya,” said Pearl to her best friend. Maya’s hazel eyes glittered in the sunlight. “Oh you’re welcome!” replied Maya. Then the bus  arrived, 

“Well, I guess it’s time to get on the bus,” said Pearl. Maya gave Pearl a thumbs up.  They walked onto the bus together.

During lunch, Pearl and Maya sat at a table alone. They didn’t sit with their friends this time.  “Any symptoms yet?” whispers Maya. Pearl shakes her head, 

“They are probably going to start during recess, like yesterday,” replies Pearl. Maya nods her head. “Good point,” she says. She bites into her sandwich thoughtfully. She chews slowly as if every chew was an idea. Pearl stares at Maya, “Um… Earth to Maya?” she waves her hand in front of Maya’s hazel eyes. “Oh sorry,” Maya replies embarrassed. “I was just thinking about some solutions for your ‘flute symptoms’.” 

“It’s okay. I’m glad that you want to help me with my symptoms, it’s just that sometimes you get carried away…” Pearl says. Maya laughs. Pearl laughs too. They finish their sandwiches the moment the bell rings, DRING!!! DRING!!! DRING!!! Pearl and Maya smack their hands tightly over their ears. That horrendous piece of metal needs to be fixed. thinks Pearl. Pearl and

Maya packed their lunches and headed off to recess. Maya talked to Pearl about her cat, Blizzard. She had only just started talking when suddenly, “Stop,” Pearl said urgently, “my ‘flute symptoms’ are back again.” Maya stopped talking immediately. 

“Okay, what do you see?” Maya asked quietly. 

“Your arms are flutes!” Pearl whisper-screamed. “Oh my gosh!! This is so creepy!!”

“Is there any other thing that looks like a flute?” asked Maya urgently.

“Yes! Those monkey bars look like rows of flutes!!” replied Pearl, looking terrified. 

“Pearl! Calm down!” says Maya. “Take a few deep breaths.”

~Chapter Seven: Time for some fun~

Pearl jumps into bed after school ended, looking as if she just learned what day she was going to have her first baby, which is… yeah, pretty creepy. She quickly tip-toed to her bookshelf and grabbed her journal, and started to write.

June 16th, 2020

Dear Journal,

I have AGAIN experienced some PRETTY ODD ‘flute symptoms’. Maya has tried to help me, but still, no luck. I wonder if Maya has ‘piano symptoms’ or something. But, it’s really hard to see everything as a piano, since they are SO big. And also, if she did have ‘piano symptoms’ she wouldn’t look so surprised when I told her about MY symptoms. Well anyway, that’s all the news I have for today! See you tomorrow! ~  Pearl 

Pearl closed her journal and stared at the cover, the cover was a light blue with little pink cherry blossoms on it. She drummed her fingers on the cover, da-dam-da-dam-da-dam. She was deep in thought. She couldn’t POSSIBLY be the only one… or could she? “Am I the only one with these symptoms?” Pearl thought out loud. Her parents heard her from downstairs, and her mother asked, “What did you say Pearl?” and startled Pearl. 

“Oh, nothing Mom!” she says quickly.

“Okay, if you say so.” replies her mother. Pearl sighed in relief. She decided to play with her dog Caramelle in their backyard. “Caramelle! Wanna play fetch?” Pearl calls. Caramelle runs down the stairs and starts jumping up and down, yipping happily. Pearl laughed, “I guess that’s a yes!” and so Pearl and Caramelle ran outside, chasing each other and playing with the ball.  Maybe it’s time to take a little break from my flute… Pearl thought while throwing the ball for Caramelle to catch. Caramelle apparently didn’t notice what Pearl was going through. She was having the time of her LIFE! Pearl smiled to herself, Well, dogs are dogs! She thought. After at least 2 more hours of playing, Pearl calls, “CARAMELLE! Time to go back home!” Caramelle quickly follows Pearl back into the house. The smell of noodles was wafting in the air. Caramelle sniffed the air and licked her lips. “It sure smells good!” Pearl whispered to Caramelle. Caramelle wagged her tail in agreement. “Mom! Dad! Dinner sure smells delicious!” Pearl said when she entered the kitchen. 

“Thank you, sweetheart!” her mother replied. “Your father and I love making noodles in tomato soup!” 

“And good thing I like EATING noodles in tomato soup!” replied Pearl while licking her lips. Her mother chuckled, “Oh, Pearl. Just wait a few more minutes. We are almost done.” And so a few minutes later, Pearl and her parents were slurping noodles and gulping down tomato soup.

~Chapter Eight: A little odd~

“It’s FINALLY the weekend!” says Maya on a Saturday morning in the video call she and Pearl were having. 

“Yeah! I wonder if my ‘flute symptoms’ appear during the weekend too!” Pearl shivered at the thought.

“Well, speaking of flutes, could you show me how your flute works its magic?” Maya asks.

Pearl hesitates. “Do you really want to?” 

“YES! Please, Pearl! I really want to see the magic swirling around you!” Maya replies eagerly.

“Okay, fine! Wait… how do you know that the magic swirls around me?” Pearl asks suspiciously.

“Oh! Um… I just guessed!” responds Maya sheepishly.

“Okay…? Well, let’s begin!” says Pearl. And with that, she swiftly swooped the flute case off the bookshelf and unzipped the zipper. She carefully took out the bamboo flute and warmed up her fingers. As soon as the first note came out of the flute, the birds flew to Pearl’s window. But Pearl frowned. The note sounded a little… odd. It was a little dull, and it wasn’t in its usual crisp sound. Maya must have noticed her frown because she asked, “Pearl, is something wrong?” Pearl turns to Maya. 

“Uh, no. Everything’s fine,” replies Pearl assuringly. And then she blew. She cringed at the sound her flute made. But she continued anyway. She played the song ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star.’ Tiny little puffs of magic emerged from her flute. Why do they seem so small? Pearl thought. In the end, Maya applauded vigorously. Pearl smiled, but deep inside… she knew something was wrong. So she said, “Oh um, Maya! My internet connection is unstable! Bye!!” and hung up. She stared at her flute, turning it in different angles so she could see every single part of it. Nothing looked wrong, but why did Pearl still have an uneasy feeling?  It’s probably nothing. I mean, maybe it is going to get better or something… So she quickly put the flute back in its case and went down for breakfast. 

At breakfast, Pearl ate toast with jam on it. She slowly bit into the toast and chewed slowly. “Who’s in a bad mood right now?” Pearl’s father teased. 

“I am…” responds Pearl gloomily. “It’s just that my flute—” Pearl caught herself before she said the whole thing. “Your flute what?” asks her father. 

“Oh, nothing. I meant to say, my flute is awesome! I love it!” she said and faked a smile.

~Chapter Nine: A horrible surprise~

The next day, Pearl couldn’t stop thinking about the odd sound her flute made. Maybe I should play a song. If it still makes magic, it should be alright…  thinks Pearl. She took her flute out of her case and played a song. It still made a dull sound. After a few minutes of hearing dull sounds, Pearl sighed and flopped onto her bed. “This is bad. This is really, really bad…” whispered Pearl. And then, suddenly… DING! An email popped up onto the screen of her computer. It’s probably Maya, thinks Pearl. She opened the email and saw that it was… Angéla AND Sara?! Why in the world would THEY email me? Thought Pearl confusingly. She read the email.

Dear Ham-sandwich-eater,

It’s us! Angéla and Sara! We are here to RUIN YOUR LIFE, Pearl! *smirk* Don’t you know that ham sandwiches are DISGUSTING?! They taste horrible! You should never eat ham sandwiches AGAIN! If you want to be POPULAR like us, you have to get the basics down! And one of them is DO NOT EAT HAM SANDWICHES!!!! Hahahaha! 


Angéla Sebay and Sara Jefferson

Pearl was FURIOUS! She quickly replied,

Dear Sara and Angéla,

I can eat what I want to eat! And I do not want to be popular! I just want to be myself! And ham sandwiches DO NOT taste horrible! You can try to ruin my life, but I will stay strong, and just be me! How are you going to ruin my life anyway?

Pearl Silva

That should teach them!  Pearl thought. They have no right to force me to do that!  Pearl closed her computer and decided to relax a little. She closed her eyes and lay onto her bed. DING! Pearl heard a sound coming from her computer again. Probably just Sara and Angéla again… she thought. Then, she heard some yips coming from under her bed. She looked under, and saw… CARAMELLE?! “Caramelle, why in the world are you under my bed?” Pearl asked. 

“Yip, yip, yip!!!” replied Caramelle. Pearl groaned. 

“Too bad my flute doesn’t make enough magic for me to make a wish, or else I would have been able to understand you!” And then suddenly, she heard a voice in her mind. I am not a genie, Pearl. And think about what made me sound dull. Pearl’s eyes widened. Wait, what is going on? Why is there a voice in my mind? She thought as if trying to speak to the voice again. But there was no answer. And then Pearl realized that Caramelle was still in the room, and Caramelle was staring confusingly at Pearl. “Oh! Um… heh, heh. Sorry, Caramelle! I forgot that you were in the room!” Pearl said sheepishly. Caramelle wagged her little tail as if saying “It’s fine.” Pearl threw a ball into the air and caught it with one hand. She did this continuously while Caramelle tried to jump up and catch the ball in the air. Pearl laughed. “Hey, Caramelle! Wanna go outside to play fetch?” she asked. Caramelle jumped up and down. “I guess that’s a YES!” Pearl said. So Caramelle and Pearl went out to their backyard and played fetch. 

Meanwhile, Angéla and Sara were hiding behind a tree trunk near Pearl’s house. “We have to be VERY quiet in order to get that flute!” whispered Sara to Angéla. Angéla nodded. The reason they found out about Pearl’s flute was when they were taking a stroll around the neighborhood, they heard the music of a flute and found out that it was Pearl who was playing it! “I still can’t believe it was HER that the flute belonged to!” Angéla muttered. Sara shushed her. “SHH! We can’t be too loud! We don’t want her to hear us!” And so then, they quietly tip-toed closer to the door. Since Pearl didn’t lock it, Sara and Angéla could get in easily. They scurried up the stairs without anyone noticing because Pearl’s parents were still sleeping. They ran into Pearl’s room and searched for the flute. They finally found it on the bookshelf. Sara grabbed it and ran down the stairs. Angéla quickly hurried after her. Once they were a safe distance away from Pearl’s house, Sara was still clutching the flute. What Sara and Angéla DIDN’T know about The flute was that it was MAGICAL. Well, it was magical. Until it started to make smaller puffs of magic. “We got the flute!!” Sara cheered. 

“Yes! I just KNEW that we were gonna ruin Pearl’s life somehow!!” Angéla said. 

They snickered. “Pearl won’t even notice until she gets home!” Sara said. And then Sara and Angéla continued their stroll around the neighborhood. 

After a few more minutes of playing fetch, Pearl and Caramelle went home. Pearl didn’t notice at first that her flute was gone, but when she went to test her flute again… IT WASN’T THERE! SOMEONE STOLE MY FLUTE!  Pearl thought. Oh wait, I think I know who took it…

Sara AND Angéla!  

~Chapter Ten: The search for the missing flute~

First, Pearl checked her emails to make sure the email she ignored was from Angéla and Sara. IT WAS! Pearl read the email.

Dear Pearl,

Oh, you wanna know HOW we’re gonna ruin your life, Pearl?! We’re gonna steal something precious from you! Mwahahaha! 


Angéla and Sara

And I guess that ‘precious thing’ was my flute! Pearl thought. So she printed the email out to have proof that it was Angéla and Sara who stole it. She would do it TOMORROW at lunch. In the meantime, Pearl wrote in her journal.

June 21st, 2020

Dear Journal,

Guess what?! Angéla and Sara STOLE MY MAGIC BAMBOO FLUTE! In case you don’t know what Sara and Angéla look like, I’ll describe them to you. Sara has short, bouncy, curly orange hair, with green eyes and tan skin like me. Sara also really likes wearing nail polish the exact same shade of orange as her hair. Angéla has darker colored skin with long chestnut locks that reach halfway down her back, with dark brown eyes and SUPER LONG EYELASHES! Angéla also wears those long, fake nails the color of light magenta. Sara and Angéla are the MOST POPULAR girls in the grade. But honestly, they aren’t really nice…

Well, that’s it for today! ~ Pearl

She shut her journal the same time her mother knocked on the door of her room. “Pearl? Would you care to let me in?” Her mother asked. 

“Oh, yeah. Sure!” and so she hopped off of her bed, and opened the door. Her mother came in and saw Pearl’s journal. “Oh, I see you have been writing in your journal.” She told Pearl. 

“Um, yeah,” Pearl said casually. Pearl’s mother started reaching for the journal. 

“Let me see what you wrote.” said her mother. Pearl quickly grabbed her journal out of her mother’s reach. I can’t let my mom know about my flute! I can’t let her know that it’s magical! Pearl thought. “Oh, sorry mom. I have some secrets here that I don’t want anyone knowing.” Pearl said quickly. Her mother gave her a startled look, but at last, she finally said, “Alright, alright. I won’t look.” Pearl let out a sigh of relief. At least she didn’t have to explain everything about her flute. Pearl’s mother left the room. Once her mom was gone, Pearl opened her journal again, and read her latest journal entry again. And then took out her pen and quickly wrote: P.S. I am going to get my REVENGE.

So… yeah. It’s unfinished, but what do you guys think? 😅


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