Bro— WHAT?! 2022? Is that you? Hey, that rhymes! πŸ˜‚


It-it’s that last day of 2021 tomorrow?! Nope. Nope. Nope. My calendar must’ve been glitchy.

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No. No way. It can’t be. No. *realization hits me in the face*

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Impossible. Less than two days until… 2022?! Am I dreaming? *checks watch* *checks calendar* *checks any possible thing with the date on it*

Where has the year gone? I can’t believe that a new year is going to begin…

Welp. May as well begin with my new year’s resolutions.

I need to see what I’ve accomplished from last year’s new year’s resolutions!

Let’s see…

  • Read 100 books. Okay, so currently on Goodreads, it says that I’ve read 70 something books. Buuut, I have a feeling that I’ve read more than that, since I just joined Goodreads in August. So, I count this resolution as…
I did it

*applause* Thank you, thank you. Now. Onto the next one!

  • Drink more water. *crickets chirping* Erm. Heh. Let’s just say I tried. I mean, I was doing okay… then I stopped. 😳
  • More exercise. Okay, this was definitely accomplished! πŸ‘Œ
  • Try to stay more organized. I mean, it isn’t as bad as before…? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  • Grow a little taller. βœ…
  • Learn something new. Yezzzzzz. I learned the violin 🎻, cross-country πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ, and more! *pats myself on the back*
  • Stay healthy. I am relieved to say that I have also kept my healthy body.

Okay, time for the resolutions for 2022!

  • *sigh* Drink more water. Again. πŸ’¦
  • Open up more (less shy)
  • Try 10 new foods πŸ˜‹
  • Publish another book! πŸ“–
  • Eat more spinach bruh that’s so random

That’s it for now, my flowers! what are your new year’s resolutions? Ta-ta! πŸ‘‹


Trying out a quiz…

Hey there! So, I want to mention that this post was inspired by Gelina’s post. Let’s give this a try!

(side note: the link to this quiz is here)

Definitely ‘curling up with a book’ or ‘hanging out with friends’. Let’s go with the first option!

Hmm… for this one, perhaps an owl. πŸ¦‰

Ugh it’s Hans

Kindness 100%. πŸ’―

Ooh! Vest, for sure. I may or may not be wearing one right now…

I sometimes sing in my room, so I choose that one!

Hairstyle… either half up, half down, or long. The first option it is!

Do I count as a writer already or no…?

I think I’m pretty fun, so I went with that. πŸ˜ƒ

Maybe a treehouse or a small town. Second option!

Take a stroll! πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ


Wow! I got Belle! πŸ˜„ She is among my favorite Disney characters, so hooray!

I hope you enjoyed taking this test with me! See you all soon!


Watch me customize my blog!

Hey there! Welcome back to Selina’s Garden of Thoughts!

Today, I’m going to be customizing my blog, and letting you all watch the process! Let’s go!

All right. First up…

Let’s go to the Customizer! *race car noises*

Alrighty! Let’s go to ‘Widgets’, and add some images!

Let’s add an image here… to Canva! 😁

Okay. So I chose a template, and now, let’s change up some colors to match my blog!

Time for some ✨pizzazz✨

Hmm… are the stars a but too much? I think so.

There we go! Time to upload to my blog!

Perfect! Now, time to make the rest. πŸ˜… *fast-forward noises ⏩*

Follow button
Blog stats

Let’s save!

Awesome! That’s it for this post! Hope you enjoyed it!


What am I currently reading? πŸ“–

Hey there! Today, I bring you a bookish post! Let’s get started!

1. The Double Life of Danny Day by Mike Thayer


Danny Day lives every day twice! For him, the first time, a “discard day” is more like a practice round. It’s the round that no one besides him will remember. The “sticky day” on the other hand, is the final one, where it stays in everyone’s memory.

2. Brother’s Keeper by Julie Lee

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North Korea and South Korea are at war, and Sora’s family is planning to escape. That, and enduring frostbite, avoiding guards, enemy soldiers, and more.

3. Daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan


Ana Dakkar is a student at Harding-Pencroft Academy. But then a tragedy occurs, and Ana learns that HP and a rival school at been at war for years. Ana and her new friends and make amazing discoveries on her journey.

That’s all that I’ve got for now! What are some of the books that you guys are reading? Let me know in the comments!

stay tuned