I REACHED 400 FOLLOWERS! | Assumptions about me

Hey there my beloved blooming flowers 🌼

Today, I am so happy to write this post! 😄 I can’t believe that I have reached 400 followers, and to all of my readers supporting me, this all could’ve happened because of you all.

Many thanks



… and you. And y-

You get the point. 😁 I can’t thank you guys enough, but I’ll just go with what I did when I reached 300 follows…

aSsUmTiOnS aBoUt MoI

Let’s do this, shall we? Comment below your assumptions about me, and I see you in the next post 😎


25 thoughts on “I REACHED 400 FOLLOWERS! | Assumptions about me

  1. AHH congrats!👏💕 I’ve been reading your blog for almost..more than a year now, I think. And it’s so amazing seeing your blog grow! congratsss😊💗
    you’re an extrovert
    you love meeting new people
    you have kind of a big friend group
    you love listening to pop music
    I think you speak 3 languages?

    and yeah, that’s about it. Can’t wait for the post!😌🙌

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  2. Congratulations!!!!🎉 Eek, I’m bad at the assumption thing…but I’ll do my best!
    You are easily excited
    You are cheerful
    You have at least one pet
    Spending time with friends is a favorite activity of yours

    Well…not sure about the quality of those, but HEY, I assumed! And that’s really the point.😂
    Congratulations again, and happy Sunday!✨

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  3. Congrats 🎉
    My Assumptions About You Are:

    – you have long hair
    – you are army
    – you never tried Maggi
    – you know English and French
    – you have a poodle
    – you don’t wear glasses
    – you wanna colour your hair one day
    – you are tall
    – you usually tie your hair in a bun/ pony
    – you have 2 best friends
    – you want to go to offline school
    – you love science

    Congrats once again, Selina!


  4. CONGRATS ON 400 SELINA!!! Here are my assumptions about you:
    1. You LOVE listening to music
    2. You are really good in studies
    3. You have a pet
    4. You love blogging
    5. You want to travel the world
    6. You have long hair
    Yup thats all! Congrats again!!!!

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  5. ay CONGRATS!! that’s fantastic! it’s been an amazing journey following your blog and seeing it grow! awesome job 😍💕🎉
    here are my assumptions! i assume…
    you prefer funny books over scary books
    you’re a little bit tall for your age
    you’d love to work with animals someday
    you love writing with markers
    your favorite flowers are pink and purple
    you like cool weather more than hot

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