✨ answering your assumptions about moi ✨

Hiya, my beloved blooming readers 🌼

So, in case some of y’all didn’t know already, I reached 400 followers *five-year-old squeal*, and so to celebrate, I decided to let y’all tell me your assumptions about moi in the comments. 😁

In case you still have more assumptions, or you missed my post, you can still ask your assumptions in the comments of this post (yes, the one you’re reading right now 😌), and I *might* make a part 2. It depends.

Now without further ado… let’s do this! 😄

Bea’s assumptions:

You are easily excited

I do think that I get excited quite easily. It does kinda depend on what’s going on though. Like for example, if someone tells me, “Time for you to scrub the toilets!” What do you think my reaction will be… 😬

You are cheerful

I am pretty cheerful, aren’t I? Well, I seem pretty cheerful in my posts. I am a cheerful person. *nods*

You have at least one pet

Alas (does anyone even use the words ‘alas’ anymore?), I do not. Well unless you count my little sister, who is a wild animal- I mean, a super nice kid! 😅

Spending time with friends is a favorite activity of yours

Correction: one of my favorite activities. *glances at my books*

Thank you, Bea, for your assumptions! You got most of them correct. Everyone, give Bea a round of applause!

Gosh, they’re adorable 😍

Evin’s assumptions:

you’re an extrovert

Fooled some of you there, I see? 😏 The keyboard makes everything seem so easy 😩 I am very introverted, but I seem pretty outgoing on here, don’t I? 😁

you love meeting new people

Yeah! Despite my shyness, I love meeting new people! Talking is the hard part 😅

you have kind of a big friend group

*suddenly gets interested in that napkin that has been on my desk for around a week now* Whaaaaaat? Me? Big friend group? *nervous laughter* No! Why would I- okayfineI’minabigfriendgroup. 😅

you love listening to pop music

I listen to all kinds of music. Whatever songs I find nice, I listen! Simple as zat. 😌

I think you speak 3 languages?

How. Did. You. Know. I told you guys, didn’t I? 🤦‍♀️ But yes, in case you didn’t know, I’m fluent in 3 languages: English, Mandarin, and French.

Thanks, Evin! Loved your assumptions! Time for a round of appl-

-ause. Oookay. You beat me to it.

Ariela’s assumptions:

your dream is to be a bestselling author

You could say that! I do LOVE writing, and ever since I published The Magic Quest with my friend, I suddenly feel like that dream might actually come true. 😄

You like art

I do! It often calms me down, and I love trying out new styles and stuff 😄 I recommend searching up my digital art attempts on my blog! Let’s just say you might have to prepare yourselves… 😅

You also like to travel 😊

I do quite enjoy traveling! It’s mainly my motion-sickness that is just ARGH! So annoying. 😩

Thank you, Ariela! I’m not even gonna say it this time. Y’all are just gonna beat me to-


You’re an introvert

‘Tis I, ze introvert. Yes, I am an introvert, pleasure to meet ya.

You have a dog

Welp. You got your answer somewhere up there. 👆

You don’t like kpop

Well, I don’t really listen to kpop, so technically, I can’t say I don’t like it, but I can’t say I like it either.

You like ‘Bad Habits’

How- how do y’all know these things?! I’m being stalked! Halp meh!!!! I do like ‘Bad Habits’ by Ed Sheeran. 😁

Thanks, Aamy!! Great assumptions!

Dhriti’s assumptions:

you have long hair

It depends on who you ask. My hair is a few inches below my shoulders, so, tell me what you think in the comments! 😁

you are army

I don’t exactly know what that is, please explain 😭

you never tried Maggi

Uh… *quickly searches it up* Whoa. That looks delicious. Unfortunately, no. I have not tried Maggi. It. Looks. So. Good. 🤤

you have a poodle

Nope. I ain’t got no pets! 🤣

you don’t wear glasses

In fact, I don’t! Comment below if you’ve got glasses or not! 👓

you are tall

*sigh* I’m just a tad shorter than most of my friends. 😅

you usually tie your hair in a bun/ pony

I do, actually! I sometimes keep it down when I’m just extremely lazy. 🤣

you have 2 best friends

I don’t really have really really BEST friends, but I do have a few that I think I can count as best friends.

you love science

Science is pretty cool! I do enjoy science. 🧪

Thanks, Dhriti! Your assumptions are great! 😄

Gelina’s assumptions:

You LOVE listening to music

*hair flip* That’s me! Who doesn’t like music? I am coming for you. *smiles innocently*

You are really good in studies

I think I do well in studies…? (I’m working on my self-confidence here, okay?) I haven’t got any really bad grades before so yeah.

You have a pet

Already answered 😃

You love blogging

If I didn’t, then why am I here? I adore blogging, y’all! 😁

You want to travel the world

*thinks* You know, that does sound like a pretty good idea…

You have long hair

Depends on the person! 😁

Thank you, Gelina! Loved your assumptions!!

Maggie’s assumptions:

you prefer funny books over scary books

I really don’t like creepy things. *shiver* Definitely funny books.

you’re a little bit tall for your age

*laughs* I wish. 🤣

you’d love to work with animals someday

Hey, that’d be awesome! 🐕🐈🦦

you love writing with markers

I should really do that more often. It’s so satisfying seeing your big, bold, colorful words.

your favorite flowers are pink and purple

I love all flowers! They’re all so unique and ✨ dazzling ✨.

you like cool weather more than hot

Winter is my favorite season. ❄️ I’d say this is true.

Thank you, Maggie, for your marvelous assumptions!

Thank you for clicking this post and taking your time to read it. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 😄

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24 thoughts on “✨ answering your assumptions about moi ✨

  1. thanks for answering my assumptions!
    i think a lot of bloggers seem like extroverts through their blog, but might not be in real life (like me, but im *trying* to be more social)
    also, i didn’t know you spoke 3 languages! that’s so cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha, I definitely would not be excited at the prospect of scrubbing toilets, either 😂 And it’s so cool that you’re fluent in three languages! I am only fluent in two, but have been trying so hard to get others up to scratch for years… 😪
    And I don’t wear glasses, either! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wow you seem like such an extrovert on your blog, it’s strange that you’re not! 😂 also I’m fluent in 3 languages too ☺️*high fives 🖐️*
    hehe you’re so funny this post made me actually laugh out loud!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it’s really weird, since the keyboard does the talking 🤣 OMG YAAAAAS ✋ *high fives back* What languages, may I ask? 😀
      Aww, thank you! I’m so happy you found this post funny 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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