Monthly Wrap-Ups

πŸ’–february monthly wrap-upπŸ’– | the month of love!

Heyo, my beloved blooming readers!!

Welcome or welcome back to The Never-Ending Writes! πŸ‘‹

*dreamy sigh* Another month has gone by, y’all. Can you believe it? And I thought we were celebrating the New Year just yesterday…

Who’s ready for springtime? 🌼 The first day of spring is… uh… *searches it up* March 20th! yep I definitely knew that heh

Welp. Let’s go on to the wrap-up now, shall we?

– posts written –

In the month of February, I have written… 21 posts (including this one)! That’s pretty impressive, in my opinion πŸ˜€ Oh wow, it’s actually one more post than I wrote in January 🀭

In case you wanted to read some of my most popular ones:

– books read –

I read 9 books in February! I’m pretty proud of myself, since some of the books I read were pretty loooooooooooong. πŸ˜†

Some of my favorites:

– memorable moments –

  • Definitely 2/22/22! πŸ˜‚ We won’t be getting a date like that for a while…
  • Valentine’s Day! πŸ’–
  • Blog makeover! That was pretty fun 😊

– songs on repeat –

Ta-da! That’s it for FeBrUaRy’s monthly wrap-up! Peace out ✌️


44 thoughts on “πŸ’–february monthly wrap-upπŸ’– | the month of love!

  1. Sounds like a really productive month for you!! I felt like February went by a little too fast for my liking though hahahahaha πŸ˜‚ Also, 9 books?! Damn gurrrl – that’s awesome! I personally wish I can read that fast! πŸ‘€ I love Ariana and one more time is an all-time fav for me πŸ’•

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