The rAnDoMnEsS tAg

Hello, hello, my friends!

Guess what?! I’M ALIVEEEEE

*clears throat awkwardly* I meant, I got tagged for the Randomness Tag by Maya! Thanks, Maya! I’ve never done this tag before, and I’d love to try it out…


Thank the person that nominated you, and add a link to their post!

Add a link to the original post!

Ask YOURSELF 5 questions to answer!

Why are you so amazing?

Nominate as many people as you want!

Oooh, okay this’ll be fun!

5 questions for myself!

  • Why do you love reading so much? Got a problem? *Persassy pose* Okay, okay kidding! I’ve always loved immersing myself into the world of books, since reality is just so… *fumbles for the right word* … boring. 🀣
  • What made you get into writing? Well, when you read, you’re reading other people’s writing. It’s nice, because you get into it youself and begin wanting to write as well!
  • Favorite book character? Hmm… difficult question. Mia Tang from the Front Desk series! Reyna from Heroes of Olympus is great too πŸ₯Ί
  • What is one of your favorite beverages? BUBBLE TEAAAAAAA πŸ§‹
  • Are there times where you wished you weren’t so introverted? When I’m trying to make new friends, and then my voice fails me 😳

Why are you so amazing?

Wait wha- I am? 🀭

Okay, well, I find myself amazing because of how I believe in myself. Yes, I am a quiet, typically pretty shy person, but I don’t give up without a fight!

Mah nominations! (no pressure if you already got nominated!)









And you!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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