Paperback VS. Digital // my thoughts…

Hey, hey, hey, my beloved blooming readers! Welcome back to The Never-Ending Writes! In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on paperback vs. digital! And, just for your information, this can be for reading, writing, or anything else! Let’s do this! πŸ˜†

~ Paperback PROS~

  • Less glare on the eyes! πŸ‘€
  • There’s that niiiice papery smell…
  • You can practice your handwriting! [writing]
  • Can actually feel and flip pages [reading]
  • Relatively easier to carry around a book than a huge computer!

~ Paperback CONS ~

  • Pages are bound to rip at one point 😭
  • Writing looooong entries can take a while… πŸ₯΅ [writing]
  • Needs more materials than digital work. (pencil, paper, eraser, etc…) [writing]

~ Digital PROS ~

  • Typing is much faster than handwriting! [writing]
  • You can read/write anywhere with a device, since you can adjust the light of the screen!
  • Admit it… most of the time, fonts on a device look better than your own handwriting πŸ˜… [writing]

~ Digital CONS ~

  • Mah. Eyeballs. 😭
  • You need to charge your device, while a book is just *POOF* there πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘

What did you think of these thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments! Ciao ✌️


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