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🏞️ april monthly wrap-up 🏞️ | we love our planet!


I am literally already writing my fourth monthly wrap of the year. Mind = blown. 🀯

Y’all know that I absolutely ✨ suck ✨ at intros, so… lez get into the post!

my mood right now:

posts written –

In the month of April, I, Selina, have written 17 (including this one) posts πŸ˜…

Not as consistent as January and February… what can I say? Inconsistency is my game. *flashy smile* *innocent eye batting* 😁

Some suggestions you might want to check out…

– books read –

I read 10 books in April!! Woooooo!

Some of my favorites!

  • The Witch, the Sword, and the Cursed Knights by Alexandria Rogers
  • Curse of the Phoenix by Aimee Carter — here’s my book review!
  • All the Impossible Things by Lindsay Lackey

memorable moments –

songs on repeat –

  • Imagine by Ben Platt
  • Trying My Best by Anson Seabra
  • Postcards From Far Away by Coldplay

BAMMMM that’s my April for you, have a great day or night! 😌

Book Reviews

Book review: Curse of the Phoenix

Hey, hey, hey, my beloved blooming readers 🌼

Welcome or welcome back to Simply Selina~

Today, I’ll be doing a book review on Curse of the Phoenix by Aimee Carter! Let’s dig in ✨

(blurb from Goodreads)

The creatures of legend are realβ€”and it’s up to twins Zac and Lu to save them.

Twins Zac and Lu grew up on their mother’s stories of the Wildewoods, an imaginary land where mythical beasts roam free. These creatures fill the pages of Zac’s sketchbooks and inspire Lu’s love of animals, and on most days, they’re the only thing the twins have in common.

When their mother dies, a heartbroken Lu and Zac are shipped off to England to spend the summer with relatives they’ve never met. But it doesn’t take the twins long to uncover the incredible secret tucked away in the forest behind their ancestral home: their mother’s wonderful tales about unicorns and dragons and centaurs weren’t make-believe after all. Their family serves as keepers of the Wildewoods, the last place on earth where these mythical creatures can live safe from human harm.

But there are also many dangers in these landsβ€”as well as a terrible curse. When Zac and Lu fall victim to it, their only hope is finding the very last living phoenix left in the world. But will breaking the curse mean the end of the Wildewoods?

This book was an absolute treasure. If you enjoy fantasy, this book is definitely for you. As the title suggests, there are a bunch of mythical animals! From mermaids to unicorns to manticores, this book has it all!

Also, did I mention that gorgeous cover?! 😍 I have always been a fan of Vivienne To’s art, and this cover is just another one of her beautiful works of art.

I’m also quite fond of twins Zac and Lu, also known as the main characters. The story is told from both POVs, and it’s really cool to go on their magical adventure along when them as they venture through the Wildewoods!



Curse of the Phoenix is an amazing book, so you should read it. Very much. Fans of magic and fantasy should go for it!

Have you read this book? Let’s chat in the comments! Ciao! πŸ‘‹


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Heyo, my beloved blooming readers!

Welcome or welcome back to Simply Selina! let’s just all pretend that I didn’t just change the name heh *cough* *cough*

Alrighty, onto the post ’cause y’all know that I absolutely ✨suck✨ at intros.

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