An interesting art generator…

Hey, my beloved blooming readers 🌼

So, I read Brooke’s post on an app known as WOMBO Dream. It’s an AI art-making thingy-ma-bobber that generates art through the prompts you type. After reading the post, I was like, “I GOTTA TRY THIS RIGHT NOW AHHH”

Now, bear with me, because I’m about to let the world of AI create some stunning art pieces for me.

Ready? Let’s do this.

So first, you have to enter a prompt, and then choose an art style! I did ‘beautiful storm’ and the art style was ‘Mystical’. Let’s see what we get!

oooohhh the suspense…

Wow! This is gorgeous indeed…

Let’s do some more!!

This was called “Sky of Dreams” I really love this one! The colors blend so well together…

This one was “Princess of the Sea”. It looks absolutely stunning!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now! Comment below some prompts for me, and I’ll make a part 2!



27 thoughts on “An interesting art generator…

  1. They are beautiful indeed. There’s a lot of hate for AI artwork and I think it is silly. AI is using information it gathered from millions of images and artwork so in a way it has access to millions of minds? We all have imagination so when you combine that… wow happens!

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