BEHOLD, August!

Hello, yellow, bello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to Simply Selina!

Just wanted to do a little check-in with y’all, since it’s been a few days since I posted πŸ˜… whaaaaat? i need to keep this blogging reputation going!

Can you believe that we’re in August already!? can you believe that I’ve missed two monthly wrap-ups!? Time fliiiies~ πŸ’¨

Why don’t we do a little riddle? Here goes…

There’s one word spelled wrong in every English dictionary. What is it?

Aaaaand, why don’t we all share our goals for the month in the comments? Mine—as always—is to drink more water. πŸ˜…πŸ’§

What about you? Let’s chat in the comments!

32 thoughts on “BEHOLD, August!

  1. Wrong is spelled wrong in every English dictionary 🀣
    I am doing well! School is about to start back up in about a week, so I am currently finishing summer work and trying to mentally prepare myself for the school year. What have you been up to?

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  2. Lol I was literally drinking water while reading your goal for this month!
    Before I read the comments I guessed the answer for the riddle: wrong!
    A goal of mine for this month is focus on finances! Kinda boring, kinda very necessary hehe

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  3. it’s ‘wrong’ thats spelled wrong, right?? 🀣🀣
    and omg yes WE MUST TALK ABOUT TIME?? BECAUSE ITS HIGHLY UNFAIR ITS ALLOWED TO FLY THIS FAST?? wasnt it january, like, yesterday??? 😭

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