I made 9 collages inspired by colors!

why does that title sounds so weird when i say it out loud??

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome or welcome back to SiMpLy SeLinA

Today, I’ll be sharing some ✨collages✨ I made, with some kind of a color scheme thingy-ma-bobber going on. Also, I apologize for the really random post idea. Mah brain ain’t exactly the most creative right now— T_T

ANYWAY… enough blibber-blabber. Let’s get on with the post!

(Note: any photos in the collages are not mine. They were all found online. hey that rhymes)

#1: BLUE

Of course I had to start with one of my favorite colors! I love how this turned out~

#2: RED

Whoa! Look at those vibrant shades of red!


I gotta say, the green collage turned out pretty well in my opinion!


Orange you glad I made this collage?




Those macarons are making me drool 🤤

#7: PINK

What a nice burst of vivid pink!


The panther’s amber eyes are piercing into your soul…


More macarons-

Ta-da!! Which collage was your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments!

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