Understanding — a poem

Photo by Arthur Krijgsman on Pexels.com
"Raise your hand"
calls the teacher
standing at the front of the room
"if you know the answer to this question"

You crouch down low in your chair
knowing that the teacher will call on anyone but Penelope Fisher
the know-it-all girl who the teachers all love
though she is vigorously waving her hand high in the air

The teacher suddenly wheels around and stares into your eyes
knowing that you were anything but willing to answer the question
the teacher slowly lifts up an index finger and points at you
"You. Answer the question"

You gulp and your neck feels hot when the entire class turns around
to look at you
sitting in the seat
stashed haphazardly 
in the very back corner
of the very back of the room

"Uh" you stutter
Some classmates giggle
including Penelope Fisher
"I... don't know"
The teacher's face does not morph into 
furrowed brows
and a big frown
like most teachers did

Instead, the teacher's features soften
and nods in understanding
"No problem"
and the teacher calls on somebody else

After class
when classmates are outside hanging out
you are still sitting in your cramped chair
in the very back corner
of the very back of the room

Your teacher had called your name
when the bell rang
asking you to stay inside
you feel nervous
sure that you are about to get
the blow 
for not answering
the question
or worse

"Your grades" the teacher starts
you gulp again.
"One B, four Cs and a D-minus"
"Y-yeah?" you ask anxiously
The teacher peers at you through 
rectangular glasses
"I can help" the teacher says

You are confused
what did they mean "help"
"I can help" the teacher repeats
"With what?"
You frown

"Meet me afterschool every day starting tomorrow" the teacher goes on
"Okay...?" you say
"I'll help you with your classes"
"I'll go over difficult points"
"I understand your situation"

Your parents are delighted
their eyes shining like moons
and so
you stay afterschool
the next day
and the teacher is waiting

And you smile back.

Wait, Did I Just Miss My Blogiversary?! | My 4th year at WordPress! | I’m back… kinda?

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