waaaait, i’m hosting another contest? | dare to design – a blog contest hosted by ✨yours truly✨

Hey, hey, hey, my beloved blooming readers!

It is a very exciting day today. *grins*

I. Am. Hosting. Another. 🎶BLOG CONTEEEEST🎶

Well, let me give y’all a quick intro about how this is gonna work…

Dare to Design is a contest hosted by me (obviously)! Basically, I’ll give you all 10 prompts to choose from, and you will all design something based on the prompt you choose!

  1. Choose a prompt
  2. Create a design based on the prompt you have chosen (One submission per person please! 😊)
  3. Add a short summary about your design
  4. Email me your design OR post it on your blog (MAKE SURE TO PINGBACK TO THIS POST SO I CAN FIND IT)
  5. Have fun! 😄😃😁

Your design can consist of…

  • Digital art
  • Collage/Mood board
  • Traditional art
  • Photography
  • Book cover
  • Poster
  • Anything creative you can think of!

As mentioned above, you can submit your final design in two different ways.

  1. You can send me your design through my contact page or just send me an email here.
  2. Post your submission on your blog and pingback to this post so I can easily find it! 😉

Unfortunately, yes. There is a deadline.

how you feel right now 🤣:

The latest you can submit your design for the contest is November 5th! That’s almost a month from now! If you submit something any later than that, I will probably still see it, but I won’t be counting it in the Top 3, since I’ve already made the certificates before then! But, you’ll still be able to get a participation badge! 🎉

Each of the Top 3 winners will earn a certificate that looks something like the image below except a bit more ✨jazzified✨

And the rest of the participants will earn something like the image below (but of course, still jazzified)

Whew! After all that explaining, I think it’s time to reveal ✨the prompts✨

  1. Palm tree
  2. Evening sky
  3. Sandy beach
  4. Animal
  5. Food/Drinks
  6. Outer Space
  7. Your Comfort Spot
  8. Snowcapped mountains
  9. Legends
  10. Dreams

Yay! Now that everything has been explained, it’s up to you to share your amazing designs! I’m really excited to see what you’ll come up with!


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