A peek at last year’s resolutions and new ones for 2023!

Resolutions of 2022…

*sigh* Drink more water. Again. 

Weeeell, let’s see… I did remember to drink water a lot more often than I had previously, but it wasn’t necessarily consistent, soooo…


Open up more (less shy)

Erm… I guess I’ve been doing better with the whole “don’t stay quiet and just TALK” thing, but come on! I like to think before I speak if I ever speak at all… 😌

Try 10 new foods 

*whispering under breath and counting on fingers*

I think I tried 10 new foods this year! I enjoyed most of them, so that’s a big…

Publish another book!Β 

*crickets chirping*

*eye twitch*

Yeeeeeeeah, so I wasn’t exactly able to publish another one this year… I would write now and then but never finished anything.

Eat more spinachΒ bruh that’s so random

Er, YES that is quite random… wHy sPiNaCh?

And no, unfortunately, I was unable to accomplish this strange goal. BUT, I did eat lots of vegetables so…

Well, after looking over last year’s resolutions, I’d say that it’s time to list out this year’s!

  1. Read 200 books. I read around 150 last year, so I’m gonna give 200 a shot!
  2. Drink. More. Wa—do I even need to explain at this point?
  3. Travel out of the country. I’ll admit, I’m not someone who loves going on long trips, but I feel like traveling somewhere I’ve never been to sounds interesting…
  4. Publish a book? I mean, last year was a big FAIL, but who knows, maybe this year will go better!
  5. Learn a new skill!

Aaaaaand, that’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned for the next post!


14 thoughts on “A peek at last year’s resolutions and new ones for 2023!

  1. the water drinking thing is the worst 😭 i always make that a resolution and this year i actually am trying to accomplish it lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜† good luck with your 200 books! 150 is a lot from last year, but i’m sure you can make 200✨ happy new year!

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  2. uhfdhjfghgfhj THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ I LOVE IT SO MUCH??? also yayy on conquering so many resolutions and here’s to hoping you eat more spinach this year than you did the last 🀣🀞 ALSO 200 BOOKS IS AMAZING!! good luck with all of them <33

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  3. The drinking water one is hard. I only drink a good amount of water on weekdays because I bring my bottle with me to every class, but on the weekends? How? What? Drinking water?!

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  4. I started on drinking more water last year, and the way I keep track of my drinking is I have a paper where I write the day, and then I make a mark for every cup of water I drink. I’m trying to get to eight cups a day. I’ve stayed pretty consistent with it, but sometimes I drink 6 cups sometimes I drink 10 cups. I drink between 6 and 10 a day. Give it a shot. It might help you keep track. Plus, when I noticed I haven’t drunk much that day I drink a ton to keep up with my goal. So it helps in that respect too.

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