A peek at last year’s resolutions and new ones for 2023!

Resolutions of 2022…

*sigh* Drink more water. Again. 

Weeeell, let’s see… I did remember to drink water a lot more often than I had previously, but it wasn’t necessarily consistent, soooo…


Open up more (less shy)

Erm… I guess I’ve been doing better with the whole “don’t stay quiet and just TALK” thing, but come on! I like to think before I speak if I ever speak at all… 😌

Try 10 new foods 

*whispering under breath and counting on fingers*

I think I tried 10 new foods this year! I enjoyed most of them, so that’s a big…

Publish another book!Β 

*crickets chirping*

*eye twitch*

Yeeeeeeeah, so I wasn’t exactly able to publish another one this year… I would write now and then but never finished anything.

Eat more spinachΒ bruh that’s so random

Er, YES that is quite random… wHy sPiNaCh?

And no, unfortunately, I was unable to accomplish this strange goal. BUT, I did eat lots of vegetables so…

Well, after looking over last year’s resolutions, I’d say that it’s time to list out this year’s!

  1. Read 200 books. I read around 150 last year, so I’m gonna give 200 a shot!
  2. Drink. More. Wa—do I even need to explain at this point?
  3. Travel out of the country. I’ll admit, I’m not someone who loves going on long trips, but I feel like traveling somewhere I’ve never been to sounds interesting…
  4. Publish a book? I mean, last year was a big FAIL, but who knows, maybe this year will go better!
  5. Learn a new skill!

Aaaaaand, that’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned for the next post!