✨ I’ll be putting my blog buttons page back up! ✨

Hello everybody! *intense waving*

I wanted to let y’all know that I created another blog buttons page! If you’d like to swap buttons with me, tell me in the comments, or comment on the page once it’s up! 😄

What is a blog button?

Every blog has its own blog button. It’s the icon that shows up on the upper-left side of your screen when you open up ‘My Sites’! I screenshotted it below:

What is a blog button page for?

Welp, I’m pretty sure you swap blog buttons with blogs you enjoy reading, and link their blog to the button. They’ll put your blog button up on their blog, and you put theirs up on yours! (wow that sounded confusing-) 😁
If you want a more in-depth explanation, visit this page!

Sooo… yeah! That’s it for this small update! See y’all sooooon!


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